Special Blue Diablo Torch – Silver

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Special Blue Diablo Torch Adjustment Jet Flame Lighter

Professional Butane Torch


To ignite, rotate the gas release switch to on then press the trigger.
To adjust the flame rotate the adjustable wheel on the lower part of the product to control the flame between big flame(+) and small flame(-).
please turn the adjustable wheel to flame(-)and rotate the gas relase switch to Off when you store up the product.
Turn unit upside down and firmly push the butane can into the filing valve. Please allow 5 minutes after filing for the gas to stabilize.



The flame should not be adjusted too large.
Do Not continuously burn over 5 minutes.
Do NOT drop. shake or use upside down .
Keep it in a cool ,dry place and do not exposé the torch to temperatures over 120 F,  prolonged direct sunlight or near source of ignition.
Keep out of retch of children.
Always igite the torch away from your face and far enough from any clothe or other flammable surfaces.


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