Formula 420 – Accessories Starter Order Kit

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Introducing the Formula 420 Accessories Starter Order Kit, a curated collection designed to elevate your smoking accessories display. This thoughtfully crafted kit boasts a blend of functionality and visual appeal, making it an ideal choice for both enthusiasts and retailers.

**Included in the Kit:**

1. **Formula 420 LED Hanging Display:**
– Elevate your presentation with the vibrant glow of the Formula 420 LED Hanging Display, adding a touch of sophistication to your showcase.

2. **Regular Size Plugs (PL):**
– A curated selection of 12-count bags featuring both 710 and 420 cleaners, ensuring a balanced assortment to meet diverse preferences.

3. **XL Size Plugs (PL-XL):**
– Enhance your offering with larger options in the form of 12-count bags, featuring the popular 710 and 420 cleaners for a comprehensive selection.

4. **Brush Set – 24ct Bag:**
– Elevate the cleaning experience with a meticulously crafted set of brushes, thoughtfully packaged in a 24-count bag for convenience and style.

5. **Display with Dimensions W: 11.5in x H: 3ft 10.5in:**
– The pièce de résistance of the kit, an artfully designed display measuring W: 11.5 inches x H: 3 feet 10.5 inches, providing a visually stunning backdrop for your Formula 420 products.

This Accessories Starter Order Kit not only offers essential tools for cleaning but also transforms your retail space into a captivating showcase. The combination of premium products and an aesthetically pleasing display ensures a memorable experience for both customers and onlookers alike. Elevate your presentation with the Formula 420 Accessories Starter Order Kit and make a lasting impression in the world of smoking accessories.


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