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Celebrate Formula 420’s 25th anniversary with the exclusive anniversary package, thoughtfully curated and presented in a stylish display featuring five boxes. This limited-edition collection includes:

**Box #1: Signature Swag**
– Two tin hanging signs showcasing the iconic Formula 420 and Formula 710 logos.
– Two high-quality T-shirts for a touch of branded style.

**Box #2: Comprehensive Cleaning**
– A robust assortment featuring four packs each of Daily Use, Advanced, All-Natural, Soak N Rinse, and Bling cleaners, all generously sized at 16 ounces.

**Box #3: Original and Specialized Formulas**
– Four packs each of the 12-ounce Original, Plastic, and Instant cleaners, providing a versatile range for various cleaning needs.

**Box #4: Diverse Cleaning Solutions**
– An extensive selection of 16-ounce Daily Use, All-Natural, Soak N Rinse, and Advanced cleaners, complemented by 12-ounce Plastic and Instant cleaners.
– Exclusive inflatable bottles for a playful touch.

**Box #5: Illuminating Display**
– A standout addition to any space, the Formula 420 LED hanging display adds a vibrant and visually appealing touch to your collection.

This meticulously crafted 25th-anniversary package offers an array of Formula 420’s renowned cleaning products alongside branded merchandise and eye-catching displays. Perfect for enthusiasts and collectors alike, this limited edition is a testament to Formula 420’s commitment to quality and innovation in the smoking accessory industry.


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