Special Blue Avenger Torch Display 6ct

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Special Blue Avenger Torch

The Special Blue Avenger Lighter is a butane torch with a flame control dial and comes pre-filled with butane. This portable torch is 6” tall and is a great handheld size that feels super sturdy. The powerful flame is wind-resistant and has child-resistant precautions. The torch needs to be switched to “On”, the control dial set, and the trigger button firmly pressed to ignite. These lighters are refillable, and we recommend displaying your cases of Special Blue Butane cans nearby. The Avenger display includes 6 total torches, in 3 different color options. Each cardboard display piece assembles into a POP counter display to create a cohesive look.

  • AVENGER | The Special Blue Avenger is a butane torch that comes pre-filled with butane. This has a futuristic touch on the classic torch shape with a nozzle that has a zigzag design. It features a flame control dial, on/off switch, and a trigger button.
  • MINI TORCH | The Avenger is a handheld torch that stands 6” tall. It has a flat base, and nozzle points up on an angle. This is a very portable option that doesn’t take up much storage space, but gives customers the power they’re looking for.
  • METAL | The Avenger display has 3 different colors included. Red, yellow, and bright blue torches have a matte handle with silver trim and accessories.
  • SPECIAL BLUE | Special Blue products make using butane torches, easy, accessible, and safe. Every single torch they make is put through rigorous testing so customers have peace of mind that they are using, safe, high-quality products.
  • 6CT DISPLAY | Each Avenger display includes 6 individual torch lighters in 3 different colors. These lighters are assembled in a POP display that looks great when display with the rest of your Special Blue products.


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