King Palm Magic Mint Slim 20/2pk

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Every display comes with 20 packs of Slim Rolls, with each pack containing two Magic Mint flavored rolls, a bamboo packing stick, and a hydrating moisture packet. Pack these sweet rolls with up to 1.5 grams and enjoy the smooth, slow-burning session that King Palms bring. For best results use a chunky grinder, compress contents in roll firmly, squeeze and pop the end to activate the terpene infused flavor.

– 20-Count Display
– 2 Magic Mint Slim Rolls Per Pack
– One Bamboo Packing Stick Per Pack
– One Hydrating Moisture Pack Per Pack

Length: 117mm or 4.5 Inches
Size: Slim Size
Grams: Holds Approximately 1.5 Grams Of Medication


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