Ajax Dish Liquid 14oz

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Ajax Dish Liquid

Ajax Dish Liquid 14oz

Delight in the fresh, fruity aroma of the fresh scent while getting your dishes spotlessly clean! The Ajax Triple Action Ultra Liquid Dishwashing Soap is formulated with natural citrus extracts and powerful
ingredients, and can even be used to clean hands as well as dishes. Our dishwashing liquid is phosphate
free and contains 14 fluid ounces per bottle. The Ajax Super Degreaser is able to easily remove the toughest
of stains, whether it be baked-on food residue, dirt, soil or grease.

  • Ajax Dish Soap Ultra Triple Action, 14 Fluid Ounces:
    Strips the grease, guaranteed
    Removes stuck-on-food from dishes
    Dish wash soap contains lively, scent
    Leaves dishes sparkling clean with every wash
    Washes away bacteria from both hands* and dishes
    Made with 100% real citrus extracts
    Ajax soap can also be used for washing tires, wiping appliances, and pre-treating laundry


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