Torti Max Chips 40ct 1oz PrePriced 2/$1

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Torti Max are more than tortilla chips. They are an invitation for a party, always ready for action. Ride the flavor wave to ignite adventure to explore the dynamic taste. Every wave is popping with delicious flavor, bold crunch and with the perfect balance of lemon and chili, Torti Max are the spicy snacks that you would want to keep eating again and again, and again and again.

These, Torti Max, pack all the flavor of awesomeness that shines with the most craveable delicious seasonings. We began with the highest quality ingredients to end up creating the best snacks. Our ingredients are expertly sourced for texture, color, and most importantly, the Max flavor. But starting with the highest quality ingredients isn’t the only secret to our snacks; it’s what we do with those excellent ingredients that matters most. The quality comes through each and every snack.

You can actually smell the deliciousness!.

Torti Max Chips 1oz
Pre-Priced At 2/$1 or $0.59 Each
Case Count: 40
Case Dimension: H=8.5″ W=7″ L=18″
Pallet Count: 140 Cases
Pallet Dimension: H=88″ W=45″ L=40″


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